1. Privacy                                                                                                                                                                                      01 August 2020

All of our privacy provisions are listed under our Terms and Conditions. They are listed again here for your convenience. 

1.1. The Use of Your Personal Information

      1. My Tutoring Pro respects our privacy and will always take the greatest care to protect private details that you provide us.
      2. The completion of the registration process will be regarded as authorization for My Tutoring Pro to use personal information as necessary to fulfil our operations and service to you. We will take appropriate security measures to prevent personal data from being stolen, tampered with, damaged, lost, or disclosed, except with the written consent of tutors and students, except for when students or tutors take the initiative to disclose contact information to other.

1.1.3. The type of private information that may be collected by us will only be for the purpose of you operating on our site. The type of information that we may require includes: Identification of individuals, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail, delivery address, and other information.

        1. Financial information, such as credit cards or financial institution accounts, and other information.
        2. Personal descriptions, such as your gender, date of birth, etc.
        3. Your agreement or contract, such as transactions, business, legal, or other contracts, etc.


    1. Time Limit to Hold Your Information:
      1. We may only hold this information from when you provide it to us until you close your account with us.

1.3. What private information we may ask from you:

      1. The personal data of Tutors and Students is used for member management and customer management, also includes identity recognition, payment services and marketing.
      2. You have the choice to not provide private information, however if you do we are not able to provide our services to you.
      3. Personal information is also required in order to become a member (tutor or student member. In addition, based on this company’s contractual obligations, it needs to provide relevant information to its authorized partners or outsourcing vendors.
      4. The use of personal data includes automated or non-automated processing methods under specified collection and use purposes.
      5. In addition, where required by law, we will disclose information required by relevant government authorities.