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Your Student Account and Profile:

How to Change Your Password:

  1. Go into your profile.
  2. Then hover over the round profile image
  3. Scroll down to “Settings”
  4. Click on Privacy, then enter your email address and press “Submit”


If you have forgotten your password:

  1. Go to the My Tutoring Pro homepage and click login.
  2. C lick on the "Forgot your password?" underneath the login button.
  3. Enter your email address and click "Submit".

Changing a Username

  • Go to "Profile"
  • Go to "Edit Profile"
  • Go to "Display Name"
  • Change your "Display Name" and press "Save"


Changing Privacy Settings

  • Go to "Settings" - "Privacy"
  • Go to "Change Contact Permissions"
  • Choose "Anyone" or "Friends only".

Blocking a User

When you block a user, they will not know that you have blocked them They receive no message indicating that they have been blocked by you

When you block a user, the user will not be able to:

  • Search for you, Follow you
  • Direct message, or schedule lessons with you


How to block a User:

  • Go to their user profile
  • Look at the upper right of the user’s page
  • Click on the drop down menu
  • Click “Block”



Unblocking a User:


When you unblock a user they will be able to do all of the above.


How to Unblock a User


  1. Go to the drop-down menu on the top right and select "Settings".
  2. Under "Settings", select "Privacy"
  3. Click "Edit list" in the "Block List".
  4. To remove a user from your block list, click “x” next to this user, and then "save".


Closing your My Tutoring Pro account


When you  close your account:

  1. Your profile will disappear from the My Tutoring Pro immediately.
  2. You will not receive any more emails from My Tutoring Pro.
  3. You will not be found in My Tutoring Pro user searches.
  4. Messages you sent to other users, questions you answered, corrections you made, or discussions you posted in, will still be visible.
  5. Search engines (Google) may still have links to your My Tutoring Pro profile.


How to Delete Your My Tutoring Pro Account


Contact: to deactivate your account



Refund Policy


Refunds can only be provided when a package has not been partially consumed. For example, if a package of 5 lessons are purchased and one lesson has been consumed, the package cannot be refunded.


It is possible for the remainder of a package to be transferred to another tutor however.


Can I get my credits back from a lesson?


Although we are not able to process refunds from purchases of lessons, we want to make sure that you are happy with your lessons on My Tutoring Pro.

If you want a credit refund for a lesson, please discuss this first with your tutor. This refund would put the credits back onto the package you have purchased.  If you and the teacher both need help, please contact My Tutoring Pro support.



Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties:


My Tutoring share information about me under very limited circumstances:


Agencies or Authorities with Whom we are Legally Required to Cooperate: My Tutoring Pro may disclose personal information to the proper authorities during the investigation of fraud or illegal activity as mandated by international law.


Note: As we are not processing your payments, we do not receive or use your credit card details.



Lesson Credit Expiration Policy:


Any lessons you have purchased from My Tutoring Pro will not expire as long as you are an active member of My Tutoring Pro.

My Tutoring Pro Credits will be valid for one year after your most recent login date. If you do not log in at least one time in one year, then your My Tutoring Pro Credits will expire and be deleted from your account.


I made a purchase, but I don’t this on see my My Tutoring Pro account


Sometimes you might experience a delay of up to 48 hours between a payment on Stripe and receiving notification on your My Tutoring Pro. Unfortunately, this is dependent on the Stripe systems.


Please contact Stripe if the payment is taking more than 48 hours to show up on your My Tutoring Pro account.



Paying a Tutor outside of My Tutoring Pro


Please report Tutors that attempt this by reporting them to “Contact Us” on our website or apps.


This is a serious violation of the My Tutoring Pro Terms and Conditions.


    1. The benefits of remaining within the My Tutoring Pro system are:
    2. You can leave reviews on a tutors performance and ability on our site and applications.
    3. If the is any issue or complaint between you and the tutor you can contact us and we can adjudicate.
    4. If you have recorded the lesson we can view it and assist you.
    5. We will ensure that the tutor conducts the lessons at the agreed time and with the level of professionalism required of all tutors on My Tutoring.Pro.


Teachers that ask for payment outside of My Tutoring Pro are removed from My Tutoring Pro.



Lesson Types


Trial Lessons:


Trial lessons are a way to learn

  1. How to use the My Tutoring Pro system.
  2. Gain a first impression of a tutor. It provides an opportunity you to discuss with a tutor your priorities and for a tutor to indicate their technique.


Each student has three trial lessons that they can use to try out My Tutoring Pro. You can use 1 trial lesson per teacher, and you can use them whenever you’d like. You do not need to use them all at once, trial lessons do not expire.


However, if something happens and your trial lesson gets cancelled, you can contact My Tutoring Pro support with the lesson ID # of the cancelled lesson, and we'll investigate it for you.




The difference between a Professional Tutor and a Community Tutor


A Professional Tutor is a tutor who has formal training and has obtained qualifications. This is highly recommended if you are starting to learn a new language or are intermediate.


A professional teacher can provide you a structured learning plan and lead you through the learning process.


A Community Tutor can be very useful for you if you are a more experienced learner and you are interested in improving conversational skills.


What is a package?


Packages are a guaranteed number of lessons that you purchase with a specific tutor

  • You can schedule many lessons at one time. This makes it easier for both tutors and students as you do not need to schedule each lesson individually.
  • Most teachers offer a discount to students who purchase packages.


You don’t have to purchase a package. You are welcome to continue to purchase individual lessons.


The Package Termination and Refund Policy

When using our system to request a Package termination, the system looks at who starts the termination regardless of the reason for termination.

Teacher Initiates Termination of the Package

  • If the tutor requests the termination, then the tutor will be paid for each lesson taught at a rate of the entire cost of the Package evenly divided by the number of lessons in the Package (minus the My Tutoring Pro commission) with the remaining amount being refunded to the student account

Student Initiates Termination of the Package

  • If the student requests the termination, then the tutor will receive credits for each lesson they have taught at their regular rate for individual lessons up to the total price of the Package, with the remaining amount being refunded to the student account.

If there is disagreement who terminated a package, then My Tutoring Pro will mediate the dispute. We will examine all relevant correspondence. My Tutoring Pro's decision on the dispute is final.


Tutors on My Tutoring Pro


All Tutors on My Tutoring Pro are:

  • Native or Advanced (C2) in the languages that they are teaching,
  • are admitted only after submitting an online application which is personally reviewed by My Tutoring Pro staff.


There are two types of teachers on My Tutoring Pro –

  • Professional Tutors: teaching professionals that have been trained in foreign language acquisition. They have at least one of the qualifications below, as verified by My Tutoring Pro staff:
    • Professional teaching experience in a school, university, or language institute
    • University degree in education
    • Teaching certification (i.e. CELTA or TESOL) from an accredited institution


  • Community Tutors: Native speakers who can help you learn a language through informal tutoring or speaking practice.
    • Community Tutors are not formally qualified teachers, but they are knowledgeable about helping others learn their language.


The My Tutoring Pro tutor review process:


We review every tutoring application individually before allowing each new tutor.


When looking at a teacher's profile page, please use the following indicators to help you determine if the teacher meets your requirements:

  • Teacher rating scores
  • Written and video introductions
  • Background and verified credentials
  • Teacher statistics and student feedback



Scheduling and Taking Lessons



Chapter: Organising and Having Lessons

You will need to download Skype to create an account.

Your Skype Account ID/Name:

There are two types of Skype accounts:

  • Skype accounts with an email address attached to a Microsoft account. This is the account you use for Microsoft Products. This means that your account ID is your Live ID,
  • Skype accounts with a username (This username is what we call a Skype ID). We recommend that you use a Skype account with a Skype ID because an email address can be linked to multiple accounts, while Skype IDs are unique

Find your Skype ID on a Mac

  • To find your Skype ID on a Mac:
  • Go to "File"
  • Go to "View Profile".

Find your Skype ID on Windows

  • Select your profile picture
  • Your Skype name will be shown next to "Signed in as".

Equipment needed for My Tutoring Pro:

You will need an internet connection (cable, DSL, etc.), a computer or smartphone. We would also encourage you to use and a headset or earphones. Smartphone earbuds are a bonus!

You will need to download Skype and create an account.

Skype is free if your partner is also using Skype.


Equipment required to use My Tutoring Pro

You will need:

  • An internet connection (cable, DSL, etc.),
  • a computer and/or smartphone

It’s optional to use a headset or earphones.

You will also need to download Skype and create an account. Skype is free if your partner is also using Skype. You can chat using text, voice, and video.

Lesson Problems

If I miss a class:

Of course, tutors put effort into preparing for lessons and making time for you. If you miss a lesson without warning your teacher, your Teacher will get paid for this lesson as you are at fault for missing the lesson at the agreed-upon time.

Tutors will automatically be paid for the lesson if less than 24 hours’ notice is given to your tutor.

If your tutor misses a class:

If your tutor does not show up for the class, make sure to report a problem right away to make sure that they are not paid for the lesson.

  • Go to the lesson details page
  • press the “There was a Problem”.
  • Select from the options provided, then select your desired resolution.

Your tutor then has 7 days to answer. 

  • If your tutor agrees, then the problem will be resolved according to your request.
  • If the teacher disagrees, then it will go to "dispute resolution" with us.
  • If the teacher does not respond, then the issue will be resolved according to your request.

Problems with a Lesson:

If there was a problem with your class, make sure to report a problem right away to make sure that they are not paid for the lesson.

  • Go to the lesson details page
  • press the “There was a Problem”.
  • Select from the options provided, then select your desired resolution.

Your tutor then has 7 days to answer. 

  • If your tutor agrees, then the problem will be resolved according to your request.
  • If the teacher disagrees, then it will go to "dispute resolution" with us.
  • If the teacher does not respond, then the issue will be resolved according to your request.

My Tutoring Pro Dispute Resolution process:

If the other party does not accept your suggested problem resolution and you cannot come to an agreement, then the lesson becomes a dispute.

My Tutoring Pro mediate a dispute by examining available evidence. My Tutoring Pro make the final decision.

Outcomes vary based on the specific situation. The credits could be returned in full to the student, released in full to the teacher, split between the two parties, or the lesson could be rescheduled.

All My Tutoring Pro decisions are final.



Chapter: Community

Community Guidelines

A primary focus of My Tutoring Pro is to provide a safe place for both tutors and students to teach and learn.

Student and Tutor Protection Policy


Please refer to the My Tutoring Pro Terms and Conditions for further information.


Protecting our users from potentially harmful acts by other users is a primary focus of My Tutoring Pro. We will always do everything we can to ensure that My Tutoring Pro is a safe service for learning and teaching tutoring. 



Community Conduct Policy


Tutors and Students are not permitted to post advertisements, spam multiple users or use a false identity.


Tutors and Students must never stalk, bully or harass any other Student or Tutor in any way. My Tutoring Pro will never tolerate any harassment, bullying or stalking. We will take action on all reports of abusive behaviour.


Duplicate and fake profiles are not permitted.


Any content that falls into any of the following categories is prohibited. As soon as we become aware of it we will have it removed:


  • Hate Speech and Offensive Tutoring is strictly banned. Any offensive material based on race, national origin, religion, sex, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition will be removed immediately. The profile of the Tutor or Student posting the material will be removed permanently. In addition, legal action may be taken.
  • Any sexual and pornographic content is banned and will be removed immediately.
  • Information that identifies a person must never be posted without a person’s consent.
  • Tutors and Students must not post information on our website or applications that you do not have the rights to. Tutors and Students must respect copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights.
  • Political or Religious Discussions: There are to be no political or religious discussions or graphic materials used on the My Tutoring Pro website or applications. 
  • Violence : No Student or Tutor is to use Tutoring or show behaviour that can be interpreted as threatening or violent, affecting individual or public safety, or any illegal activity. Such material will be removed by us when found. In addition, the responsible Student and/or Tutor will have their account removed/suspended.
  • Defamation: We can and will remove any defamatory content posted by, and take action against, those we feel intend to harm My Tutoring Pro. or its agents or employees.
  • Reporting Violations: If you think another Tutor or Student is violating the Terms and Conditions, please report this to us.


Reporting inappropriate or abusive behaviour or harassment:

We strongly encourage Tutors and Students to report any actions which could be deemed threatening, racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive. We also strongly encourage you to record lessons in order to provide evidence.

If you see something that you believe violates our terms, please report it to us immediately via our homepage.

In addition:

  • Flag the comment
  • Report the user to us and to authorities (if possible and/or appropriate)
  • Block the user
  • Change your privacy settings (if desired)

Where we find that it is likely that such behaviour has occurred we will:

  • Delete and ban the Tutor or Student
  • Remove the content
  • Potentially report such behaviour to relevant authorities.





Best Practices of Teaching Children

Only Professional Tutors can teach students under 18 years of age on My Tutoring Pro. The Professional Tutors will have had to submit their professional qualifications to My Tutoring Pro and been assessed for their tutoring ability by us.

If you are teaching adults, the student is your customer. If you’re teaching kids, the students’ parents are your customers. That means that managing parental expectations is a big part of teaching kids.

Trial Lessons with those under 18 years of age.

A versatile trial lesson is important when teaching children. As only Professional Tutors are able to teach students under 18 years of age, we expect that the tutors will have the knowledge, experience and ability to teach minors.

Communication with Parents

It is extremely important to communicate extensively and openly with parents when you are teaching those under 18 years of age.

There may be instances where parents will be very specific ideas about what they want their child to learn.

When you are thinking about how to price your kids’ classes, keep in mind that you might be spending a significant amount of time communicating with parents outside of class.

Managing student expectations:

At My Tutoring Pro we understand that our Tutors are all adults and capable. WE will not accept any tutors that are not. Consequently, we respect that you will understand your students' needs and manage your students’ needs and growth accordingly. In order to manage expectations, you first need to understand what those expectations are.

Nonetheless there may be some issues we can offer some advice on:

New Lesson Requests:

  • Assume that the student is a beginner (unless it is obvious they are not)
  • Do not assume the student has read your introduction and lesson description.
  • Offer them a customised lesson approach, as this increases the chances that they will book a second lesson
  • Immediately message the student and thank them for choosing you.
  • Find out: their objectives, their language level is, any particular preferences, including preferred topics, teaching methodology, learning activities, homework etc.

How to increase students’ confidence:

With online learning, his can be a major reason why a student does not book a second lesson with you:

  • Create a safe space
  • Start with easy topics
  • Apply little pressure
  • Be patient

Getting loyal students from the first lesson

Asking new students what they want to learn before their first lesson will increase the chances of them booking another lesson with you.

Students Contacting Tutors:

A student must contact a potential tutor through the “Contact Teacher Form”. You will receive the contact teacher forms in your messages.

These are students that are interested in you becoming their tutor, so it is important for you that you check your messages and follow up with them

The questions asked on the contact teacher form can be set by:

  • Going to “Teacher Settings”
  • Then to “Teacher Profile”
  • Then to: “Contact Form”.

In addition, Students can also book a lesson directly with you without filling out the contact teacher form.


Heading: My Tutoring Pro policies:


My Tutoring Pro Teacher Code of Conduct

  1. Be Culturally Sensitive: Respect the values and traditions of your students and keep in mind that stereotypical assumptions can be offensive.

Avoid sensitive topics such as Marital status, Politics, Religion, anything related to sexual orientation, anything sexual.

  1. All students must be treated equally.
  2. Be Professional and Empathetic

Since students come from different backgrounds and have different language levels, it is important to be supportive and empathetic when helping them through their language learning difficulties. Encourage, support and give them confidence!

  1. Maintain a high level of professionalism


  1. Attend All classes and Arrive on Time

My Tutoring Pro requires that tutors attend lessons at the scheduled time.

  1. My Tutoring Pro Offenses where We May Delete Your Account

The following actions are not permitted on My Tutoring Pro and may lead to account deactivation and removal from the platform.

    1. Taking students or tutors off My Tutoring Pro or accept payment outside of the My Tutoring Pro system.
    2. Promoting competing language services.
    3. Providing or posting false, misleading, or inaccurate information (includes profile, teacher application form, course content, lesson history, feedback, etc).
    4. Scheduling and starting lessons with yourself or with fake students.
    5. Posting private contact information, which includes social media accounts and channels, email addresses, blogs, websites, IDs, and usernames.


Lesson Attendance Guidelines

Our aim is that all students can have successful lessons with all tutors. Sometimes something may be dissatisfying or concerning to one of you. Following are some of our requirements when a lesson does not happen:

  • If there is a problem with the lesson, we ask both students and teachers to provide screenshots to us (showing any relevant information including time and date).
  • The tutor needs to be available during the scheduled time. If a student is late, the teacher is to be available to teach during the entire booked lesson time. However, teachers are not expected to make up lesson time lost due to student tardiness and should not continue the lesson beyond the official end time.